Wildlife Control In Seguin, TX

The last thing you need around your Seguin property is a wildlife infestation. From raccoons and snakes to birds and bats, wild animals have the propensity to destroy everything you have worked so hard to achieve.

At Daniel Pest Control, we understand the dangers that come from wildlife creatures around your property. By creating a holistic, total treatment program for a host of different environments, we can safely and easily remove infestations without putting your loved ones at risk.

Beyond removing any active wildlife problems in and around your home, we also take steps to remove their shelters and deter them from ever returning in the future. Same day service available – call us today and take back your home against wildlife!

Daniel Pest Control
Daniel Pest Control

Wildlife Treatment Management From Daniel Pest Control

Safely trapping, treating, and removing wild animals is difficult for those without extensive experience. Fortunately, Daniel Pest Control provides all elements of wildlife management for residential, commercial, and publicly managed land in Seguin and the surrounding areas.

  • Our treatment protocol begins with an investigation of your lawn and property. Once we have a better idea of what’s at stake, we can begin our treatments immediately.
  • Using a combination of baits, traps, and exclusionary tactics, we will remove the wildlife animals from your Seguin home within a few treatments.
  • Finally, we will return to your home to ensure that all pests have been sufficiently removed, including offspring and detritus that gets left behind like fur, droppings, and more.

Learn more about the wildlife treatment process of Daniel Pest Control. Call today to book a time that’s convenient for you.

Preventing Wildlife From Infesting Your Property

After your wildlife treatment, Daniel Pest Control recommends implementing these protocols to reduce your chances for reinfestation:

  • Keep the yard and garden as well-trimmed as possible. Remove tall grass from around the sides of the home, and throw away any fruits or vegetables that have fallen to the ground or are rotted.
  • Mitigate the amount of moisture in the yard by filling ditches, potholes, and other dips with topsoil.
  • Properly seal your home against pests by installing a key chimney cap, adding additional weatherproofing, and caulking around doors and windows.

Invest in your family’s safety with Daniel Pest Control. Call now to inquire about our emergency services.

Daniel Pest Control’s Wildlife Treatment Solutions

When the time comes to seek remediation for wild animals around your property, trust Daniel Pest Control to see it through from start to finish. We have all the necessary licensing, bonding, and insurances to cover a serious pest infestation, including the permits needed to trap and relocate protected species. Our team will be able to quickly and safely interact with the wild animals on your property, reducing bite risks and improving sanitation rates.

With over 25 years of combined experience in the pest control industry, Daniel Pest Control is the right choice for wildlife management and beyond. Learn more about the home pest control services we can offer by chatting with an online team member or filling out the form below to see how our team can remove pests from your commercial business.

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