Professional Pest Management For Seguin, TX Properties

Established in 1838 and officially incorporated in 1853, Seguin, TX, is one of the oldest towns in the state. With a population of almost 30,000 people, there are plenty of sources of food, water, and shelter around town. Unfortunately, these sources attract common pests in Seguin, which means all homes and businesses in the area are vulnerable to experiencing pest infestations. The best way to protect your property and those inside from a pest infestation is to call in your local pest professionals.

Welcome to Daniel Pest Control, your local source for quality residential and commercial pest control services. Our family-operated pest control company is proud to service homes and businesses throughout Guadalupe County and the surrounding areas, bringing our valued customers the best possible level of service and professionalism. Our goal is to bring back “True Service,” setting high standards for ourselves in order to bring you customized pest solutions and unmatched customer service. Call us today to get started.

Residential Pest Control In Seguin, TX

There’s a lot of work that goes into owning your own home, and that includes protecting your residence from household pest infestation. If you’re looking for year-round pest coverage for our Seguin home, we’ve got your back. Having treated over 30 homes in the area, we’re confident in our ability to protect local homeowners from common area intruders such as termites, ants, rodents, stinging insects, fleas, ticks, spiders, bed bugs, scorpions, cockroaches, and mosquitoes. Whatever household pest problem you’re up against, call us today to schedule your home pest control services in Seguin.

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The Importance Of Professional Rodent Control In Seguin

Discovering a rodent infestation in your Seguin home or business is upsetting for many reasons. Rodents are extremely harmful, unsanitary pests that not only cause serious property damage but also pose a variety of health hazards to all those inside your home. Rodents bite and spread germs and bacteria that contaminate every inch of your property, putting you at risk of contracting serious health conditions like hantavirus, bubonic plague, salmonella, rat-bite fever, LCM (lymphocytic choriomeningitis), and tularemia, just to name a few.

In order to guard yourself and your loved ones from the threat of a rodent infestation, it’s important to secure the proper pest protection. The most effective form of rodent protection is regularly scheduled services from pest professionals. That is the only guaranteed way to get the protection you’re looking for. Get in touch with our team at Daniel Pest Control to learn more about our rodent control and prevention services; we’re here to help you.

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Scorpion Control: What Seguin Homeowners Ought To Know

Scorpions are dangerous stinging pests that are common here in Texas. There are over 1,200 species of scorpions around the world — 70 species in the U.S. alone. Scorpions have long tails with stingers at the end, and their stings can be very painful. If you want to protect yourself against scorpions, and take preventative measures against infestation, here are some tips to try:

  • Avoid walking barefoot around your home, pool, or garage.
  • Eliminate harborage sites around the property, like woodpiles, trash, debris, etc.
  • Properly seal garage doors and entry doors around the property.
  • Remove stones and timbers from the landscaping.
  • Repair any damaged window and door screens.
  • Routinely shake out bed sheets, clothing, shoes, etc.
  • Store firewood off the ground, a good distance away from your house.
  • Use caulk to seal cracks and holes on the outside of the structure.

While these tips can certainly help, there’s still only one guaranteed method of scorpion control and prevention services in Seguin. For year-round protection from the dangers of scorpion activity, call Daniel Pest Control today. We are highly experienced in dealing with scorpions, and we know how to effectively eliminate them and keep them off your property moving forward. Reach out to us today to get started.

Commercial Pest Control In Seguin, TX

There are a variety of businesses here in Seguin, and one thing they all share is their susceptibility to pest infestations. Commercial infestations can have large-scale effects on your reparation, as well as everyone in the facility. Daniel Pest Control offers complete commercial pest solutions in Seguin to a variety of properties, such as state departments, municipalities, park and wildlife, toll highways, military facilities, and public health. We also service the following entities:

  • Texas Parks & Wildlife
  • Texas Department of Public Safety
  • Texas Department of Transportation
  • HSSC
  • Texas Facilities Commission
  • City of Austin
  • Texas Historical Commission
  • Texas Military Department
  • Employee Retirement System
  • Texas DMV

Our team uses a strict IPM (Integrated Pest Management) process for all commercial inspections and treatments. We’ll customize a solution to meet the needs of your facility, and we’ll return for ongoing services as needed to keep you guarded all year long. Reach out today to discuss your commercial pest control needs.